el lissitzky, Die-Kunstismen, 1924


Lissitzky’s constructivist works all give a slight remembrance of the past, while showing revolutionary changes of the future. This was his ultimate goal. However, in this art design it was different.  “Die Kunstism” was a book cover design by El Lissitzky. It does not try to create a movement with just constructivism, however expresses the types of art movements created over the years in which are shown on the cover of the book.

One way the constructivists used art to help their movement was by books. This was the goal for Lenin in his quest to modernize Russia. He believed literacy was a central component to building a modern country. During the time of this movement, this book’s paperback design cover would have definitely caught anyone’s attention without them having the slightest idea of what it is about. It is eye catching because it was different. This paperback cover is evenly balanced color wise. It is black and red with a white background. It has the years of 1914 and 1924 on the top and bottom of the cover along with the art movements that occurred during that time. This design does not have a center of attention, but a viewer’s attention is caught throughout the whole view of this book cover due to the way the words are designed. There is a huge K to begin with on the left side. Then the letters U. N. S. T. ascend and descend in both directions parallel to the inside of the massive K. Then the words ISM catches the attention of the view to finish of this cover. This design is relevant to the move to Germany that Lissitzky made. It was not just a book cover of art, but an idea to spread the ideas of constructivism to Western Europe. The book design has a complex appearance with a simple meaning.

This book cover is very to the point. It is harder to elaborate on because of the cover of this photo reveals everything that will be in the book. This type of typography art was very strong in influential. Typography was very influential at this time, mostly because it was a new type of art. The words in typography all have usually have a meaning that people that most people would not understand unless it is the people who are being influenced. The word Kumst is on this cover, which is a German word that means art. This is a book that explains the types of art movements over the years of 1914 through 1921. The colors of this typography are red black and white, which depicts the world war that occurred during the early half of the start of this book. Lissitzky made the letter in a way that would catch the attention of the viewer. When the letters (read from left to right) are tied together we see that the spell the word Kunstism. This simply meant volumes of pictures, which was the main point of this book. This book expresses how artists have pursued different styles of art. Unlike many of Lissitszky’s art, this one is simple. It is not mind boggling, but rather direct and to the point. In this design, by just looking at the cover, a viewer has an idea about what will be in the book. This was Lissitzky’s ultimate goal.

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